We can help you grow your business and get your phone to ring more often. We specialize in designing and re-designing websites for the the beauty industry:

Beauticians |  Beauty Salons | Hair Dressers | Make Up Artists | Massage | Nail Salons | Skin Care | Spas | Tanning Salons | Tattoo Parlors

Click on the images below to see a a FULL working model of the template. We change the theme with your information.

cosmetic beauty_salon Beautician_theme
2016-10-18_4-46-49 2016-10-18_4-48-29 2016-10-18_4-50-14
2016-10-18_4-52-13 2016-10-18_4-55-08 2016-10-18_4-56-41
2016-10-18_5-00-57 2016-10-18_5-02-16 2016-10-18_5-03-28
2016-10-18_5-06-10 2016-10-18_5-07-20 2016-10-18_5-09-33
2016-10-18_5-10-42 2016-10-18_5-12-02 2016-10-18_5-13-03
2016-10-18_5-14-30 2016-10-18_5-15-41 2016-10-18_5-17-25
2016-10-18_5-19-32 2016-10-18_5-21-09 2016-10-18_5-23-05
2016-10-18_5-24-30 2016-10-18_5-26-00 2016-10-18_5-27-34
2016-10-18_5-28-41 2016-10-18_5-31-26 2016-10-18_5-32-35
2016-10-18_5-34-04 2016-10-18_5-35-35 2016-10-18_6-01-19
2016-10-18_6-02-44 2016-10-18_6-04-01 2016-10-18_6-05-22
2016-10-18_6-07-44 2016-10-18_6-16-10 2016-10-18_6-21-05

What makes our websites different?

Our websites feature lots of modern technology and are 21st century driven. They include six features you must have to grow your business:

  1. New content feed. Our New Content Feed will get you tons of new traffic to your website and give your web visitors something new every time they log onto your site? (The Search Engines Demand this!) Read more
  2. Videos- According to Forrester Research, a leading industry publication, a video on your website gets 53% more page views Read more
  3. Mobile Responsive They look great on ANY Mobile Device.This is important because most of your clients and potential clients are looking at your website from their Smartphone. If your website is not mobile responsive they will move on to one of your competitors who has a mobile responsive website.  Read more on why this is important. Scan the QR code below on your Smartphone to see how our website works looks on any mobile device
  4. Coupons Add coupons to your web site to get more business. Our coupon feature is completely self-manageable. You can add coupons (we show you
    how) without any technical ‘know how’. You can have no expirations on the coupon or set an expiration date to create urgency. Your choice.
    See Examples
  5. Gift Certificates Want to give a gift certificate to a friend of yours for our services or does your significant other want to give you something unique for that special occasion but doesn’t know what of give you? Tell them to click on our site and buy you a Gift Certificate for any of our services
    See Examples


What are your Costs?

We charge $1250.00 for website design or re-design. Our fee can be paid in four installments of $312.50 each. You will be billed each month for 4 months. Cancel at anytime. After you make your first payment you will be re-directed to the order page